Its no secret that the wedding industry has expanded substantially over the past several decades. It seems brides and grooms are no longer content with simply nuptials in their church, the innocuous wedding in the park or by the river.  No doubt the exchanging vows with cherished witness’s present has had the bar raised substantially. Gone are the times where such simplistic will suffice… present day weddings must be of a higher caliber, a notch above. An event of splendor.

virgin islands wedding yacht for destination weddings

So, this begs the question… what is the most spectacular type of wedding and where shall it be held? Of course, the answer is a personal choice however therein lies the popular rise in a niche within the wedding industry known as Destination Weddings.

While Destination weddings, may, by the very nature of the term, seem quite an involved affair to plan, it doesn’t have to be – especially in the hand of qualified and experienced professionals.

From choosing the right wedding locations to inviting guests, from the proper etiquette to choosing the perfect dress and event favors to assisting with all aspects of the planning like flowers, wedding cake, band and caterer.

And perhaps the biggies decision for anyone choosing a Destination Weddings is finding the perfect location and venue. This is of course a vital decision and cannot be taken lightly. We will cover this issue in more detail in the next blog post however for now consider this little tidbit of advice…

Choose the Caribbean for your Destination Wedding. There are a vast amount of benefits to holding your special affair surrounding by gorgeous islands and crystal clear waters but none better than the ability of experiencing your very special day aboard a Wedding Yacht.

While there are, no doubt a plethora of boats and yachts in the Caribbean, why not pick one that has the experience and expertise to ensure a hassle-free, care-free wedding day. The very best of the best is Virgin Islands Wedding Yacht where performing weddings and events are their specialty. They also are a Floating Massage Spa so hard to go wrong there, right?!!

We will cover more as to the WHY choose a dedicated Wedding Yacht and why the Virgin Islands and how this all melds so well with a Honeymoon Abroad in our next blog post so stay tuned.

Until then… Happy days…!

Virgin Islands Wedding Sailing Yacht & Floating Massage Spa Zunzun Caribbean
Virgin Islands Wedding Sailing Yacht & Floating Massage Spa Zunzun Caribbean

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