This year, OHM Wedding has evolved into an entity that aims to create opportunities for local artists in the community. We are proud to say that we have provided young stylists, designers, editors, event planners and photographers a platform to shine. This magazine is a culmination of all their efforts and was created with a lot of love and inspiration.

The magazine is divided into two sections, one focusing on wedding and the other focusing on fashion and style. We have embarked on a new journey with this years edition and tried to explore the exciting world of fashion. We have collaborated with two remarkable, aspiring stylists to bring you the New Modern shoot. It is our hope that this new concept will inspire and set the trend for the South Asian fashion world.

OHM is proud of the achievement of our team members. This is a new year with a new vision. It is just the beginning of an exciting new journey for us.

We thank all of our sponsors and supporters who have encouraged us over the past few years. Support OHM to help inspire and build a hub for the artists in the community. Join us on this journey as we embark on a new adventure.