He proposed in the most unique way imaginable! And now you need to plan the perfect South Asian wedding. But not just any wedding, this one is extremely special because it is yours and it’s that once-in-a-lifetime event. It’s kind of like Goldilocks – it’s vital to get it juuuust right…

So your wedding even need to be complete with all the pageantry of a Macy’s Day parade while remaining sophisticated and elegant. And you as the most gorgeous bride in the history of Southern Asian weddings will be the epitome of grace to your family and friends and ravishing for your groom.

Beyond all the standard things to arrange and decide upon perhaps the biggest choice is where to hold the wedding. Not just any location will do after all. In fact, because this is to be the wedding of the century its got to be somewhere that will blow your guests minds and firmly establish you as the wife every woman wishes she could be.

There’s simply no better place to hold a wedding of this magnitude than the tropics – where the weather is warm, the days are sunny, the nights are filled with sparkling stars and the atmosphere is filled with joy and fun! More specifically the US Virgin Islands is the place to choose. That’s where the best wedding venue on St Thomas island comes in…

Family Seating Balcony of Vacation Rental St ThomasCasa Cielo (also appropriately called the “Sky House”) sits atop the highest peak in the Virgin Islands on St Thomas’ mountaintop area. This classy abode boasts the most stunning views in the Caribbean overlooking 36 plus islands. In fact there are times where the clouds quite literally gently and casually come in and through the house.

Plus, the huge full-length balcony features seating for the wedding party, lounge chairs to chill out and catch up on your Caribbean tan, a romantic hot tub for you and your new hubby, and even a small ‘gymette’ to get fit for the wedding night. And then there’s the feature-rich gourmet island kitchen outfitting with all the accoutrements ready to make any feast desired a reality.

And of course, what amazing St Thomas Island Wedding venue would be complete without the obligatory Master Suite with jetted whirlpool garden tub and a Deluxe Sleep Number bed complete with adjustable sides and message vibration to ease the stresses of life and relax you into your new life as the new Mrs.

When the urge arises Casa Cielo is quite close to shopping in downtown Charlotte Amalie where the jewelry stores, libations and all other goods are duty-free. A plethora of fine restaurants galore in this area will tantalize the palate and gratify the craving and urges. And this bustling little seaside town also vaunts a fabulous nightlife where you and your bridesmaids can dance the night away or you can stroll hand-in-hand with your new hubby.

Certainly, one of the best benefits of booking this particular St Thomas Wedding house, besides the Million Dollar views (your photographer will LOVE you for it) is that its so close to several World-Class beaches. In fact, Casa Cielo even overlooks famous Magens Bay – constantly voted to be one of the top ten beaches in the world.

Stunning Views Virgin Islands from Vacation Rental Home St Thomas
Stunning Views Virgin Islands from Vacation Rental Home St Thomas

The staff of OHM Wedding Planning & Service Directory has personally visited and stayed many glorious nights at this incredible vacation villa and it comes with our Highly Recommendation! Now is the best the time to secure your wedding venue and St Thomas’ Casa Cielo will always deliver and forever satisfy your every nuptial dream!

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