OHM Wedding is a fusion of fashion, flare and beauty. The essence of OHM is the elegance and grace with which these various elements come together to help you embark on this exciting journey. At OHM we pride ourselves in paying homage to our roots, preserving our heritage and celebrating new customs. Much of our success is due to the dedication of our followers and the contribution of our artists for all things fashion and wedding related. We are always looking for contributions from upcoming talents to provide a platform for their creativity. It is new talents that bring in a fresh perspective to OHM and allow us to continually reinvent ourselves and expand our fashion sense. Our take on fashion is to incorporate the modern with the classic. We like to think of fashion as works of art and we will be proudly showcasing them in our annual show.

Our annual fashion and wedding show is the culmination of the work we do throughout the year on bringing our eclectic touch to the fashion and wedding industry. So we would like to thank you for supporting our magazine and shows over the years. We hope to continue to expand our presence in the fashion and wedding industry and be a catalyst for South Asian brides, grooms and fashion lovers looking for inspirations.

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